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Litracon pXL Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct

Photos and design courtesy of Lucy Humphrey Design, Sydney NSW. 11.05.15

We thank Lucy and her dedicated team for their continued support!

Extract "Our installation was delayed but we did successfully get it into place at the Justice Precinct in Coffs Harbour. Our team was very happy with the result and extremely impressed with the pXL concrete! I have attached some images of the finished product for your reference."

"Thanks again very much for all of your help and collaboration with this project - we think it was very ambitious but really successful. Everyone is very interested in the Litracon material and possibilities to use it new projects in the future!"


Corner Marker_01.jpegLHCH-113.jpegLHCH-119.jpegLHCH-161.jpegLighthouse 01.jpeg
Lucy Humphrey

22-Jun-22 Litracon in Buildings
28-Dec-16 Litracon- No more dull concrete!


Hungarian made Litracon is now set to turm  heads as future urban designers start to actually think about incorporating Litracon in future building designs. Not just as an artistic expression but for practilality and function.

Its where sometimes a fictional idea is converted to fact. So many times have we seen future impressions realised in imaginative cartoons such as the Jetsons- with microwave ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners- or even Get Smart's Agent 86- Maxwell- using his shoe phone...... now turning into reality?


Who would have thought "light-transmissive concrete?" Hungarian born Aaron Losonczi did, and we liked the initiative.

Carpe diem!- so we have Litracon about to embark on an exciting if not embryonic future, here, in Australia.

24-Feb-15 Litracon pXL Adaptive Technology

Litracon was thrown the gauntlet to achieve a column style product. We came up with the idea of making the pXL columns in 2 halves! 3 months of intensive research we completed the challenge and after ordering in late September 2014 it arrived mid- February 2015 and as of writing--- is yet to be commissioned!

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