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Litracon Australia
The World's First Light Transmissive Concrete
Litracon Direct

Litracon is not a flooring but just a product that we fell in love with a couple of years ago. We are the sole distributors for Litracon and import it from Hungary into Australia. It is just starting to be specified on a couple of projects in Australia.
The concrete is made with 4% glass optical fibres so you can see shadows, colours and light through it. The glass optical fibres allow light to pass through the concrete no matter how thick or thin it is. The pattern is random so you can get some amazing effects with coloured lights. It can be used as a structural component to a building or as an architectural feature, or in landscaping. Three colours are available in white, grey and black. This is a rather expensive product and not one that will be used all the time, but more like a diamond ring or Ferrari.

It can be produced as prefabricated building blocks and panels.  The small fibres blend into the concrete and become a component of the material like small pieces of aggregate.

Litracon Direct

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